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Have your holiday party with us!


Whether you have a small gathering or a large party,

we have you covered.

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 The Library


Fully private with separate audio/video and a TV. Ideal for small business presentations or intimate get togethers.

Max Room Capacity: 25 people

F&B Minimum: $500*


 The Sun room


With large windows spanning the entire room facing the Rocky Mountains, the Sun Room is sure to get your party going!

Max Room Capacity: 80 people

Dining Area Only F&B Minimum: $1000*

Dining Area and Bar/Patio F&B Minimum: $1500*


The Bourbon Room 


Not your typical Bourbon Room, this room features extra tall ceilings, memorizing light fixtures, and a unique atmosphere. Bar-style set up with couch, bar and table seating. Also includes access to the Cigar Patio that is attached to the back of the room.

Maximum Seat Capacity: 28 people

F&B Minimum: $2,500*


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*No deposit is required, but the minimum must be met. If the minimum is not met, the the difference will be charged to the total.